2020 Summer Camp Update

May 29, 2020

Hi Friends,

It’s been about a month since we last checked-in, so time for a new update on where things stand for this summer:

On-Site Camp or Alternate Programming

Because details continue to emerge on Washington’s reopening plan, we don’t know the answer to this just yet. Therefore, we’re simultaneously preparing for either eventuality.

Plan A – On-Site Camps: The previous two updates included our “Guiding Principles – This Summer.” These continue to direct our decision-making and include:

1. We will work within and up to the limits given to us by governmental decrees to ensure a safe camp experience (i.e. we won’t restrict ourselves more than is allowed).

2. Whatever restrictions are placed upon us will determine whether we can have on-site camps.

With Washington state’s Four Phase Reopening plan there is now more room for optimism for on-site camps than when I sent the last update a month ago. We’re continuing to monitor guidelines from the American Camping Association, the CDC, and state and county restrictions to prepare for on-site camps. One of our board members, a registered nurse, has been very helpful in researching these issues and staying current on protocols as it applies to camps.

If we are able to offer on-site camps, parents will be presented with a list of health protocols of what we will (and will not) be doing to maintain a safe camp. Parents will need to acknowledge agreement with these measures by signing a liability waiver before their child can attend camp. We recognize that wherever we draw the line these protocols will not satisfy every family, and understand that some will choose to wait until next summer before sending their child to camp.

Plan B – Alternate Programming: We continue to develop the specifics, but the key principles for this option: using all tools at our disposal – on-site day visits (as allowed), staff meeting up with kids in Spokane (and other towns), or online – with the purpose of relationship-building between staff and kids over the summer, so that they might clearly hear Jesus’ invitation to follow Him. One way or the other, we are seeking to fulfill our mission this summer, trusting that God will use our best efforts to draw kids to himself.


We expect to be able to send another update during the week of June 15-19 describing our plan for the summer, calendar of sessions, a list of health protocols/liability waiver, and a link to register (registration has been paused for a few weeks now). HOWEVER…. know that those plans may change at any time if restrictions are increased or lessened. Adaptability is the theme for the summer! If we are able to pursue Plan A, those already registered should be good to go, with the exception of the earliest camp sessions, which may be cancelled (Discovery I and Middle School I. Those families already registered for those sessions will be contacted individually and given first opportunity to move to another session of the same age group). Leadership Camp, our first session on the calendar, will be a “go” regardless of Plan A or Plan B (though possibly with a cap on registrations if on-site). Those entering 10th-12th grade and interested in applying need to request an application:

I’ll check back in a few weeks. Thanks!

Andy Sonneland

Executive Director

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