Compass - Student Leadership Development

“Come, follow me…”

You’ve said “Yes” to Jesus; to experience life with the One who knows you best. But where does He want to lead you in the years ahead? There may never be a better time to ask that question than as you prepare to start college. Jesus won’t hand you a road map to your future, but if you’ll look, He’ll set you in the right direction. And the best place to look is to the heart of Jesus: Know what breaks it…what brings Him joy…His longing for those who don’t yet know Him…His passion for justice…an unending source of love and mercy. Compass is designed to allow the mind and heart of Jesus to touch your own. And as they do, your road will begin to come into focus. You won’t finish the summer with all the answers, but you will be asking the right questions to discover the eternal, Kingdom purpose to which God has called you in the coming years.

Apply to Compass

Applications available: Mid-January

Deadline: March 1st

If you’re actively involved in Christian fellowship, have a Christian leader in your life who can speak to your spiritual maturity, are a solid student, and truly want to follow Christ’s leading in the years ahead, we’d love to have you apply!

Email Andy Sonneland, Executive Director, to request an application:

There are three key goals that guide the Compass program:

Attain a basic, theological understanding of the Christian faith.
Do you wish you had a better handle on what you believe?Each morning during the first three weeks, you’ll dive into what you need to know as a well-grounded follower of Jesus: the “big picture” story of the Bible…foundational theological truths of the Christian faith…and a look at the lives of key Christian heroes over the centuries. You’ll be guided by seriously smart – and seriously fun! – Whitworth University Theology Department professors.
Expand your heart for our broken world and its need for Christ.
Are you ready to be a little uncomfortable? Because some of what we’ll see and hear this summer will tear at your heart. We’ll bring the world home through testimony and video, and we’ll go straight into a world you’ve likely never experienced before – the urban heart of Seattle, WA. It’ll be a week of living and serving together in the midst of great cultural diversity, poverty, homelessness and broken lives; an urban setting that desperately needs people to live out what it really means to follow Jesus.
Be inspired to identify and pursue God’s calling in your life.
You’ll meet some incredible people; fully-alive believers who are laying it on the line for the sake of Jesus Christ. Some get paid for it; others have found God’s calling outside of full-time ministry. Some are living lives of high adventure for the cause of Christ; others live seemingly ordinary lives disguising a significant, eternal impact for God’s Kingdom. You’ll get to know some creative leaders who are using new methods here at home to engage a culture that has dismissed the Gospel. And you’ll meet those who have left home to be the hands, feet and words of Jesus to others far across the world. But in the end, you’ll want what they’ve got – a clear calling and a life purpose to make a difference for Jesus Christ.

Details For Compass

Compass begins mid-June (Father’s Day), and ends the second Saturday of August, with a week off in late July. Specific dates for the upcoming summer may be obtained by emailing Andy at the address listed below.
Compass – Student Leadership Development is open to entering college freshmen. The program can accommodate up to 6 male and 6 female participants. Also see Application, below.
A fun, spiritually solid guy and girl director will provide leadership and mentoring, and plan awesome special events throughout the summer.
As you might guess, the cost of the Compass program is pretty steep: van rental, hotels, instructors, backpacking, mission trip, staff, room and board for the summer…it all adds up. However, there will be no charge to participants. That’s right! A few families so believe in the potential of this program that they’ve provided 100% of the funding for up to 12 students to participate at no cost!