Senior High Camp

About the camp

Unbelievably fun – get big air off the blob…go crazy in a night game…get a tan on the dock …get a rush riding a mountain board…scream on the giant swing…or saddle up your steed and join your friends on a wooded trail ride! Unbelievable friendships – Christ-centered friendships that are closer than you thought possible in just a single week. There’s time to take out a canoe together, to play a round on the Frisbee golf course, to get a latte and talk about life. 

It’s a week away from the rush and responsibilities of home. It’s a chance to be in the woods and on the water, to reflect and talk about real-life issues facing high school students – family, friendships, dating, school pressures, the future. Believable Truth – You’ll experience the powerful presence Jesus Christ during times of high-energy worship, be challenged to go deeper in your faith, and to consider Jesus’ call to live a life of adventure and purpose that will make a lasting difference in the world.

Entering 9-12

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