We’ve completed and paid for...
  • Attractive entryway / storage wall
  • Strategic 21 acre parcel
  • Fun suspension bridge to
    Monkey Island
  • 80% of Creekside Park & Pavilion

These projects are but a means to enhance and expand the key elements that create this purposeful place. To learn more about these projects and their purpose, click HERE.

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We’d love to count YOUR family among Camp Spalding’s many friends!

Help us raise the remaining cost of the nature/craft center and surrounding landscaping improvements, and keep Camp Spalding an inviting, awesomely fun and spiritually impactful camp for the next generation of campers!

And to thank you for your support we have some cool t-shirts and handsome pottery mugs. Even better, have your family’s name included on our permanent donor wall!  – See below.

And as a “Thank you!” for your support:
  • Give $100 and get a cool Camp Spalding t-shirt of your choice
  • Give $500 and get a t-shirt and a pair of our handsome pottery mugs

  • Give at least $1000 and add your family’s name to our architect-designed donor wall, a permanent display in the Creekside Pavilion. (you can even make payments to fulfill a pledge through December 2016. Just choose the “Recurring Donation” option on the donation page).

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Thanks for your support!!